Drop the pressure!

Marie-Claude Poli
4 min readNov 27, 2021


It sounds like an “old” song from the early 2000’s but it actually could turn into a motto!

Do you enjoy this life where you are constantly rushing to stay on track? No? Drop the pressure!

Do you enjoy constantly juggling multiple priorities to meet tight deadlines ? (what a great job description, isn’t it?) No? Drop the pressure!

Do you like going out for errands since your refrigerator and cupboards are empty? No? Me neither so… drop the pressure!

Do you love going back home after your working day and feeling so exhausted or upset that you barely find the energy for your loved ones? For sure not! Drop the pressure!

Do you feel well working hard and having only a few time for your social life ?(forget about the COVID? this is not an excuse, huh!) Hell no! Drop the pressure!

Do you appreciate to get stucked in your office when the sun finally shines after a long winter period? No? Go out and drop the pressure!

Now here is the real question: how to drop the pressure? This is a state of mind. Nothing to do with neglecting your work or the things you have to achieve, this is just a question of being organized enough to keep a balance in your life. And… of course, dare to say “NO” when you feel you should. This helps you staying focused and committed in your professional activities without compromising your well-being.

where pressure is at its peak…

Sometimes, dropping the pressure means practicing this cardio session you are reluctant to do just because you feel a little lazy… or going out for a walk or run because the weather is rainy… Some other times, it just means relaxing with a couple friends in front of a fresh beer! Whatever you do, do what helps you keep your peace of mind and find the energy to achieve your tasks on a daily basis. As strange as it may seem, dropping the pressure could also mean to just declutter your house to gain clarity on what you want and help the energy flow inside your home. (I’m sure that absorbing a heavy dose of pressure is far from what you want! Ah, and if you’re not familiar with Marie Condo’s book about decluttering and tidying your house, I highly recommend you to read it!)

Do you love dedicating time for yourself and take care of your body and mind? Yes? Drop the pressure and go to the beautician!

Do you love spending time with your partner and kids? Yes? Switch off your phone and invite them for a walk outside in nature or a special day away from home!

Do you love your job or whatever keeps you busy? Perfect! Raise your standards (Thanks, Mr Anthony Robbins…), keep going and… drop the pressure!

Do you appreciate going on vacation whenever, wherever and with whoever you want? Yeaaah! Win the lottery, book your flight and drop the pressure! (joke!)

Do you enjoy choosing your working schedule and being your own boss? Set up a business, work hard to succeed, be a badass and drop the pressure! (Yes, you can!)

Do you love choosing your office everyday and having a different office seven times a week? Absolutely! Keep growing your business, stay focused and drop the pressure!

Do you expect more challenges in your life? Find a meditation class to face all of them, step out of your comfort zone and… drop the pressure!

We are all exhorted to be able to cope with stressful situations, to multi task or work hard on long shifts, to always be on top, whatever happens… certainly to prove we are warriors…

The warrior is for me the person who succeeds in achieving their daily tasks at work while taking a long enough lunch break to enjoy life or fix some personal issues they would have fixed during their day off instead.

The warrior is the person who gets up early enough to go our for a walk or run before going to work. The warrior is the person who politely but firmly says “NO” to another task to go back home early and spend time with their kids and partner.

The warrior is the one who faces all the tough moments of their life and keeps moving forward anyway without becoming bitter…

The warrior is the one who shows that the job can be done with the same efficiency (if not better!) once they have dropped the pressure! Of course the quality of the work achieved remains the same (again, if not better!)

The warrior is the person who refuses to let pressure dictates their whole life.

Be a warrior… drop the pressure!



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